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Brother (Mighty Oaks)

Am C We had hoooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwl Am C We had run around C In the summer in the nighttime Am C We made no sound C And deep in the forest Am C we get lost C Whistle to the Birds Am C C as they call Am C Go on Trips C Moving with weather Am C as it shifts C We took to the Am C seas and let it drift Am C C How many islands could we hear? F C R: I'd follow you Am G To the end of the world if only you would F C ask me to Am G On and on we go, my brother F C I've got you Am G Nothing to stop us now F C G Because we found in life what's true F C G Oh my brother I'd follow you Am C In my faded truck C We shot across the country to Am C find our luck C And the youth inside would Am C scream and shout C Like a dagger in the heart we Am C ripped it out Am And we had laugh through the night Call the star's By the fire shining C On through the night We will run To the rising life and Am On through the night Burn the flames C The world will know our Names R: 2x