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The Nuremberg Code (Abacinate)

I hate this place more, get me floored Abject failure, familiar My eyes are sore Mistakes in the course of what's worth living for Poster child for cerebral palsy Heartfelt concerns nauseate Use me for this vivisection It's not entirely too late Experiments are necessary Deforming, living surgery Anesthesia, likely not to benefit More generally, ending the suffering I hope I never... I hope I never come back... I am not self-conscious at all Only here as means to an end I will not be self conscious at all I am only here as a means to an end This end is man... (4x) Use this body for vivisection Sensible to pain, no affection Of pity, certain things savoring of cruelty To cut up alive, involving dissection Call it what you will Remove my eyes, I'm sick of vision Life lived black and still Kill my mind, it's my decision My consent, my own will I can't reason – I can't speak – Only, Will I suffer... here (2x) Various chemical substances injected in me Stick around, when it goes down, it's something to see Beat my legs with hammers and then smash in my knees The only way to cure this shit depression disease Don't feel bad, it's all I have, it's something I need Let me be for a while... Let me be forever The broken dreams of a child... Let me be the never Herophilos - Six hundred dead – Experiments are necessary – This has always been I'm losing sight; I've lost the state of mind... Torture Board Death Chamber – Lab Rat Cart Racing Scientific Merit Ethically Defended The cutting of or operation, While I'm wide awake An Investigation, For Physiological and Pathological Minute or Pitiless Examination