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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Living Naked (Ward Bill)

There's no excuse any more since the fire, Since the whole house burned down. Blow off the lid when my future demand I make profit from my yesterday, Biding my time just to work on the moves. Why, why, I feel the growing city winds, Bye, bye, bye, bye Oh, the survivor's out again, Bye, bye, bye, bye Life has arrived, I am amazed, Bye, bye, bye, bye Learning how not to rape the day, Bye, bye, bye, bye Goodbye, terror, 'til we meet again. Oh what a fantasy, being alive when I'm dead Dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead Out from the jar called the King of Ballet, "If you want, I'll call you every day." Keeping the trinkets from worlds left behind And the owner didn't see or mind. Knowing the difference sure hurts, but it helps Why, why. I feel the growing city winds. Bye, bye, bye, bye Here's where they and I begin, Bye, bye, bye, bye Perfect conditions on parade, Bye, bye, bye, bye Off with the mask, you're done and paid. Bye, bye, bye, bye Goodbye, terror, 'til we meet again