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Red Wine (Pepper Rabbit)

Everybody's got a piece of the pie That's so lovely that's so nice Reading chapters on the shelf Of someone else, is that how you want to die? You're not the one for the good life Was it you who drank my red wine? Now you dress in fancy suits I recall you saying that's not me Dine out late with all the girls from higher class You said you'd never do that You left me for the good life Was it you who drank my red wine Now everybody in this place Dances around with the same face They go to sleep, and wake again No change So you see is this who you want to be Drink till you're sick another pill box waiting for you You got your keys when you stumble out the bar Screaming hey it's not that far, I think I'll be okay Swerving down the road, throwing up out the window I think I know who drank my red wine Let's all cry about you Other Pepper Rabbit songs