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Going Deep (Chicane)

What I'm gonna do, When I'll bring up my summer shoes, chefs and glasses cool, and shows that last a week! Cheap glass, expensive hotels, Cheap drinks and even cheaper girls, For seven days on the dance floor, Bikini catwalk jamming upon the beach, The night is where it happens and actions, My hands are never clapping, Never catch me asleep, I'm going deep, deep, deep! Now DJ drop your nasty shoes, I'm breaking sweat, I'm soaking through, And now I'm at my peak! Feels like I'm in a movie, star class and paparazzi, They all taking pictures of me, tonight I'm VIP Waitress is tequila The club is my night is my survive and this job will last a week They told me to live or let, but no I live a lot, Cause for now there's no tomorrow, I stop when the music stops,