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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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No Ordinary Morning (Chicane)

If there was nothing that i could say turned your back and you just walked away leaves me numb inside i think of you together is all i ever knew We moved too fast but i had no sign i would try to turn the hands of time i looked to you for a reason why the love we had passed me by And as the sun would set you would rise fall from the sky into paradise is there no light in your heart for me you´ve closed your eyes you don´t longer see There were no lies between me and you you said nothing of what you knew but there was still something in your eyes left me helpless and paralysed You could give a million reasons change the world and change the tides could not give me the secrets of your heart and of your mind in the darkness that surrounds me now there is no peace of mind your careless words undo me leave the thought of us behind