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Because Of You, Tonight (Klimt 1918)

Here comes the lipgloss, the brand name of their age Roomates just paint love, eye shadow turns to pink Boys have a crush on the teenage da - da girls Tonight with shaking hands their red ties Young people dance Undressed With tears hidden in their eyes And with fear they pretend to embrace Drunken harms at night 'You can take me in your hands' they say Kissin' with lines of escape in mouth Comin' home late at late night to cry in front of their mirrors Bitter sweet girls have a secret wish Lonely boys have not the heart to phone Love inside won't let them back to sleep They have lost control Take a second to say goodbye and then Please don't bite your lips when you walk alone Youth, time is coming Because of you tonight I feel life, I choose pain I give up nostalgia Now help me pray for you Don't cry for yesterday Stay wild another time Carry on this mortal coil