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Rachel (Klimt 1918)

U.S.A. flag burns on the ground There is a girl in Rafah, she's 23 years old, you can see She stares at fire with Gaza kids Freedom calls they wonder Yanqui girl, what a wonder! There is a girl dancing with muslim girls There are people having no faith in you She had to tell you just how tired she feels There's no solution I'm wishing my day away (away) Every night that I come near her I swear I'll protect her when with faith we face the day Every tear she cries for the city's ruins I'll be fighting for, I'll be stronger for, I'll be loving her, I'll be young no more The day is come, she smiles with care And rays above, the hands in hair 'Don't watch me shake, the night was cold And nightmare ends, Don't worry up'. 'I'll steal my life for you That's all right if sun will shine' Rachel closes her eyes, she's an open page She's afraid of war. She feels so much rage I see the truth behind the lies This heart won't let me go On the side streets I walk City's ruins with pale delight Death will be coming Death is coming Oh, don't ask me how I felt her life is being broken Running through the kids, outside the play, I see their joy Death is down at the end of the street. It brings me on my knees But I live in a world where nobody loves, nobody hopes Nobody loves, nobody hopes 'Please hold me there, don't let me fall' She says; her skin dirty with mud, 'I hold you love, like a wounded bird I won't let you fall!', I scream with pain Rachel knows her blood still runs The ground turns red so close my arms I see the sun going down her eyes She won't forget to sleep with me tonight