Clarissa Didn't Explain This (The Paramedic)

Liar, monster, deceiver, disgrace. The words drip from your tongue, with such a flawless grace. But now your veil falls and your mask has cracked. I’ll rip out that spine that you lack. I hope you hear me scream. Oh shit! I won’t fall prey, to your deceit. I’ll have you begging for mercy at my feet. That pretty face, could only take you so far. I’ll show them all exactly what you are. You were my biggest mistake. I should have never believed in you. We knew exactly what was at stake. Darling, nothing you said was true. Bitch, say one more word, I’ll rip your fucking throat out. Bitch, say one more word, I’ll rip your fucking throat out. The lips of a coward speak so well the words of the brave. Now I’ll watch you take your words to the grave. Fuck You! I should have seen this coming. If only I knew. I’ve never known hate, until I met you. I’ve been dreaming, yeah, of my angel. This can’t be true. No, it’s not you! How could I have been so blind, to not see the forest for the trees. Now would you please come clean? ‘Cause at the drop of a hat, I know you’ll drop that act and show the true colors of the demon I know you to be. So talk me down to the ground,. Those hips and fingertips won’t work this time. Now I’ll be on my way, and all you’ll hear me say is fuck this shit. Don’t act like you have nothing to hide. Fuck this shit. I hope you choke on your pride.