The Devil In Me (The Paramedic)

No, you can't turn your back on this now You can't play the coward and run You can't flee from destiny Lest you be the prodigal son Just gaze at what you've done You've come so far my child Basking in the glory of your triumphs With your head in the skies Now watch as the world changes around you Time is your master You'll always be powerless And you know it all too well There's no sense in looking back We're too late You gave into cowardice Existence won't sway my course Strive to be remembered We'll take this world by force It seems we've reached this impass Not a moment too soon We control our own destinies Our Souls progress Though we're beaten And we're battered We've been destroyed And we've been shattered But we sing I must scream to be heard I promise I'll scream to be heard.