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What A Ride My Lord (!T.O.O.H.!)

Come along with me, little girl Our ways happen to be the same And your Mom and Dad Oh yes I know them very well Let's take a shortcut through the grove We'll get there before too long The little girl believes him blindly and starts her way by his side So joyful and so unaware Of the true face of her guide And suddenly - in the midway The old guy grabs her throat And mutters sleazily: "You're such a sweet chick" And in the meantime From underneath his coat A huge red cock The old man commands In a preacherman's voice: "Now you suck it" After his determined speech Her knees weakly bend Oldie quickly takes to action And by a kick to sleep does her send Then the old man kneels down Pulls her skirt far up And with that hard hard pecker Invades her tiny pussy His fists hit her body Shit spread all around Joyfully he sings aloud: "What a ride, good lord!"