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The Starlit Waters I The Mountain (Forgotten Woods)

I... Will lead you to the stone that is stronger than you... The monument of my past, I'll guide you through the walls of mist and my sunless realms... The woods Forgotten... This one time, In my world, you're mine! The starlit sky above the water mirrors... The water is my blood, the stone is my human shell. Those two things I found so worthless for what is an existance among you mortals..? As my light extinguished years back... When..? I remember not. I felt cleansed... Darkness with it's claws, invincible yet strong, tore my dusty shell apart. Death I fear not, I am Immortal! I am the lakes, the mountains too. The lakes where my blood calmly and poisoned rests, and as a towering wall, I am the mountains built by my very own, Flesh and Skin... Lead The dust at my feet swept away by the wind called...Devastaion. The dust, I always hated... ...Why..? You need not know. YOU are the dust, while I, the mountain do not even sway in the wind.