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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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I Wish (Silent Fall)

I'm walking in the streets Around me there are no souls Everything seems to sleep In this life I want (to) leave I'm walking in the streets escaping to my fears Why is no one able to look at me? I can see the gladness in their eyes full of fantasy I would give everything to have a piece of this dream And I wish a world where someone would Take care of me Giving me some love and a reason to live Where the people could look in my eyes Without scorn or hatred Dreams can be true you just have to believe so I wish I'm walking in the streets avoiding the walkers Lost in thoughts they can't see a child who's suffering I'm walking in the streets but I have the feeling My life is a tunnel without an exit sign I'm walking in this world which didn't adopt me One soul among a crowd, however so lonely I'm walking all alone on the way straight ahead Leaving the past behind, now it's time to react And I'll run to their world full of fantasy Even if I have to climb some hills And one day I'll find my own destiny Until this day I won't stop to believe, I will wish