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Kill for Life (Silent Fall)

I'm writing these lines but I don't know why Maybe to clear my mind I've seen too many atrocities Supported too many lies Am I a puppet who must just act These concepts are not mine Immersed in this barbarity I see what's bad or right Are we god to lake lives? We just have to press a trigger But do we feel better after that For them injuries, for me scars Hidden behind their desks Enough with a word or a click They use us Io defend their deals Nothing but expendable Kill for life Survival instincts and orders, I am a blind Do or die The Court-martial or my last humanity act Keep them alive My brain has some thoughts, but lost control of my arms Do or die Who are we for those hidden leaders, The number of a file? Money has become their only goal Their reason to survive The media under their control But not the Volunteers Those few people who do their best To save so many lives