On the Top of the World (Silent Fall)

The road is long Obstacles you'll have to climb This voice inside your head Telling you to carry on Disillusion will be part of your days Despair may spread like a wildfire It's time to fight Climb the steps one by one To reach the goal of your life Get up again and walk on the straight line And one day you will be the number one Welcome to the story of life In this world you won't be spared You will have to keep standing And to face them without fear But your mind will be unfailing Because you have this will Just go forward and trust in you The goal is so close Would you be the same If everything was easy You build yourself everyday Despite the ordeals on the path So never surrender And keep the fire going The maze has an exit That you will have to find Never surrender, never forget The fire, burns in your veins All the bad things in your life are now gone from your mind You are in this world on this day and we read in your eyes That your work was not done in vain despite the scars on the road We'll always remain that you'll carry on, and until the end you will be the one