Shipwreck (Your Memorial)

Lost While I'm Holding the map Heading Straight To The Shore But Selfish AMBITIONS Pull Me Further x2 Out To SEA Wandering Aimlessly IT Feels LIKE A Constant Toil A LOSING battle THE Endless STRUGGLE that CAN Never Be Conquered Time WILL reveal THE weakness In MY soul The ANGER The Fear And tempting TRIALS The WEAKNESS IN my SOUL I Know NOTHING To certain Apart from GRACE that Saves I Have Fallen AWAY Bring me BACK Don't Let MY faith BE SHIP wrecked I WATCHED my life Being TOSSED Back AND Forth SERVING myself Instead OF Doing This FOR YOU All of THIS WILL FADE One thing WILL REMAIN I Need YOU TO LAY the Foundation Keep ME Anchored In What You WANT for ME YOU Are Everything I Need I HAVE Fallen away Bring ME BACK Don't Let My Faith be SHIPWRECKED Time will Reveal the WEAKNESS IN MY soul THE anger The FEAR And tempting TRIALS THE WEAKNESS IN MY soul I Known nothing TO CERTAIN APART FROM THAT GRACE SAVES I HAVE fallen AWAY BRING ME BACK DONT LET MY FAITH BE SHIPWRECKED