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Reality TV (Rat City Riot)

Voice of reason and the dust is in your eyes. Shadow of fear from the burning skies. You don't know what the news anchor said. Your only concern, not to wind up dead. Not just a feature on the screen. This is terror, it's real as the screams. This is reality not TV. At the end of your life, no credits we see. Ear-splitting explosions fueled by hate. Not up to you to decide your fate. Protect and serve us in the land that's free. I'll never know your face and you'll never see me. Thousands of miles from the ones you love. Who's calling the shots? The men in white gloves. Flag draped box underneath the stars. Brothers in arms torn apart and scarred. You gave your life for the scum on the street. No matter young or old, won't accept defeat. Human lives in a game of chess. The time has come now, sacrifice our best.