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In the Club Tonight (The Axis of Awesome)

Hey everybody, everybody in the club tonight I’m gonna talk a little bit in an exotic accent everybody, Can’t really tell where it’s from everybody, For the dance music y’all. Here’s the black guy (Bling Bling). Paid thirty dollars to get into this place Can’t even see your hand in front of your face Shoulder to shoulder with a bunch of sweaty guys Push on through them when we catch her eye You say I like you (What?) You say I want you (What?) But she can’t hear you (What?) So she ignores you (What?) And the the bass drops out because the chorus is near We don’t need no rhymes and we don’t write no words So we say Yo, Yo And you say Yo, Yo And then the build up starts to the same bit from before But with the bass back in so you can dance some more And it gets higher and louder, higher and louder, higher and louder Till the chorus comes in…. But this bit always tricks you Yo, Yo Yo, Yo See it’s easy to remember and it’s easy to learn That’s why people call it catchy when they mean that it’s terrible The chorus has no words we only singing Yo It’s not even English sing along here we go So we sing Yo, Yo And you sing Yo, Yo Took half an hour just to get to the bar That fifty dollars didn’t go very far Some drunken douche-bag knocks your drink to the ground You spent an hour trying to buy this round Your roommate texts you he’s not here anymore He needs the place tonight he’s gone home to score Trapped in this sauna and there’s smoke in your eyes Try to convince yourself that you’ve had a good time So you sing Yo, Yo And we sing Yo, Yo We sing it over, over, over, over, over, over, over, over, over, over, over, over, over, over. and now they’re playing Dubstep Everybody in club come on and let me hear you say Whoa (Whoa) All the ladies in club whose feet really hurt say Oww (Oww) If you’re sitting in the corner cos you drank too much say Blurgh (Blurgh) If you snuck into the club cos you’re 17 say nothing You know the word Yo, Yo Yeah dancing Yo, Yo Wow it’s nearly midnight Yo, Yo All right that’s it the clubs closed. You can’t stay here.