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Moderately Rock and Roll (The Axis of Awesome)

We're quite polite; we say thank you, please we're all quite educated; we all have degrees I'm lactose intolerant so i can't eat cheese I don't sleep in, yeah i really snooze it. I have distortion but i choose not to use it I'll have a herbal tea, make sure that you infuse it we're only moderately rock and roll. I'd do my groupies, but I'm afraid of disease. On Friday night I'd rather stay in and watch DVD's I'm lactose intolerant so I can't eat cheese We're only moderately rock and roll 30% rock(that's 30), 10% roll (that's 40), 50% nerd (thats 90) and 10% troll. (what, what was that? What? 10% troll. Oh, Its a Harry Potter reference. We really are 50% nerd, aren't we? Yeah, You're 100% Hufflepuff. Awesome. Is that good? no.) This is the part, where you'd expect me to rock out rip of my shirt and lose it. But i hurt my back and i got a sore throat I'll have a herbal tea, make sure that you infuse it I think Roy Orbison is pretty damn fine Instead of beer and whisky, I enjoy a fine wine When there's nothing on TV, I'll be watching channel 9 We're only moderately rock and roll I'll have a drink, sure, but I wont get pissed I'd play a solo but I sprained my wrist I'm proud to tell you that I cried while watching Schindler's List We're only moderately rock and roll I'd do a stage stunt but the floor is covered in glitz And I'd smash my guitar but it cost me quite a bit Yeah, I will sign your photo, but I draw the line at tit We're only moderately rock and, moderately rock and, 40% rock and roll (and 10% troll)