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Sexual Harassment (The Axis of Awesome)

Now Baby I see your body push it close to mine I reach out to touch you baby girl you're lookin fine I touch your neck with my fingers I stroke those silky thighs You just sit there baby You look at me with those eyes You say it's Sexual, Harrasment You say it's Sexual, Harrasment They say I'm not allowed to comment on your figure well if this will get me fired baby you can pull the trigger You might feel uncomfortable when I stroke your hair They say it's innapropriate Well baby I dont care Let me touch you shoulders It can be relaxing I brush myself against you while your copying or faxing You say it's Sexual, Harrasment You say it's Sexual, Harrasment Dont be offended cos it's not what I intended I'm staring at your chest cos I care about your breasts Your deserving of my perving Though you say that it's unnerving Girl my gauge is never swerving Cos my pleasure you are serving I'm hoping that my groping Won't be cause for complaint Or that you take me back to court and file for restraint When you slap me in the face and cause me embarrasment I say that is low you say that it's sexual harrasment You say it's Sexual (Sexual) Harrasment (Harrasment Baby) Sexual How can you be surprised when you dress that way