Song for the Elderly (The Axis of Awesome)

THe old man sits on my chair in the Lounge room His face had seen years, his eyes had she'd tears Ge's been through a life time, his friends have all gone He waits in the chair as I walk down the stair He looks up at me and his face forms a smile His eyes fill with light as he notices me His body is ancient, yet he looks so happy He opens his mouth and greets me with glee I look at the old man, I smile politely, I shake his leathery hand He gets to his feet and I look in his eyes I open my mouth and address the old man: How did you get in my house, old man? I don't know who you are You seem like a very sweet nice old man But I don't know who you are The old man laughs and calls me tobias He thinks it's a game when I say my real name He asks how my wife is and how are my children? I tell him I'm single, he laughs it away He waks in the kitchen and he puts on the kettle He asks me if I want some tea I tell him okay and the water starts boiling He fills up my cup and hands it to me I'm sorry but that isn't milk, old man I still don't know who you are You put mayonnaise in my tea, old man And I don't know who you are The old stops, I think I've upset him He puts down the tea cup, looks up at me slowly And says: dear Toby, I hate those Japs I wander up stairs and fetch him some trousers He puts them on the usual way He tells me that he doesn't know where he's I say there's a room and the he can stay You can live in my house, old man I don't care who you are You're pretty racist, but funny, old man And I quite like who you are