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The Dreams (Weatherbox)

Last summer things got hazyAnd I ended up in a band And I slept well through the daytime On my stomach in the back of a van And I was shouting beneath a roof of trees With my new friends surrounding me And I came into my body And things were swarming that I've never seen And I can't abide by rules which are not my own There's a wolf on my lawn and my bravery is gone And suddenly I'm a child again I ran the bases round But I fell and I scraped my knees Is that bad luck for me? Is there any bad luck for me? And I almost fell in love But I tore and we tore in two Is that bad luck for you? Am I bad luck for you? And I watched her across the table As the dreams and the drugs left my brain And it is awkward to meet new people And watch our perceptions of them change But I wished I still felt the same now But I am emptier than ever some how I need to learn how to keep my mouth shut To keep friendly things from coming out And I can't abide by rules which are not my own There's a hawk on my fence And it's warning me again And suddenly I become a man The days are winding down To what I'm a bit confused Are they winding down to you? Am I winding down to you? I will keep on writing songs Until it's time to record again And I'll be crazy until then Yes I'll stay crazy until then Oh, oh.