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I Just Wanna Love You (Lethal)

[chorus] Always thinkin' of you (always thinkin' Of you (ooh, uh, ooh, ooh)) I just wanna touch you (I just wanna touch you (ooh, uh, ooh, ooh)) Anything you want to (anything you want to (ooh, uh, ooh, ooh)) I just wanna love you (I just wanna love you) You make me ooh, ooh, ooh Baby ooh, ooh, ooh [VERSE-1] I'm feeling something that I never felt before I ain't toyin' you I want you Girl I wanna tell you things I've been afraid to say I'll Make The Move now if that's okay If I could only get one minute of your time Look in your eyes tell you why Should let me love you (you should let me love you) So deep The way that you had me [Chorus] [VERSE-2) I love the way that you bring out the best of me Just by the way you, the way you speak So softly in my ear your driving me insane Just by the way you, you say my name Its' unreal, what I feel Is it okay, if I still Show you how I want you (show you how I want you) I'm so amazed with everything that you do Girl you make me ooh [Chorus] Ooooh-ooooh, baby I just wanna love you, yeah, yeah, yeah Ooooh-ooh, ooooh-ooh, I just gotta touch you (feeling you) [Chorus]