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Badman (Rios Gabriel)

Carlito made a trip to a horrible planet When he came back well he let em have it A big rhyme sticking like a piece of bone from a chicken The kind you suck with your mittens on cause its cold and that s all he knows how to do is rock and make heads roll he do it to you he do it to me he do it to the world like a color TV chorus: Bad Man coming back down from the days of old Bad Man swinging the microphone(2X) Kiss the early morning the early light and watch your better day become the night coming after you like a bunch of peppers split down the middle like dirty records So love the leppers eat the peppers raw Suck the seeds in let your body fall Look for the maker before the maker sees you grown wings Let me tell you about them dirty things a piece of coal is a diamond ring your soul is torn but your bird can sing not every pretty hero needs a Ho chi min (chorus) A hundred years ago stealing all the halos so your soul can know you made this rock and roll Thrill me like you used to(2x)