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Let It Go (Rios Gabriel)

Thats how it feels when she comes to you real And your fingers grow wild like the mind of a child Get in and get dreams but you burst at the seams And your dreams all get rough cause you can t get enough In this black coal diamond world filled with brave little men don t get caught in the trend of living life at the end A true heart is not enough so don t run with what you been stealing cause you ll be giving it up (chorus) When it's gone Don't hold on Let it go and you will see that the stuff you are made of and what you think is dying is worlds living on their own Oh but baby don t wake up cause I like wearing this make-up Let me put it on .. Alone in the dark I can shine like a spark forgetting the world like I am someones lost ark There was a hole in the girl Where I could sit and pretend (chorus)