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Madstone (Rios Gabriel)

He was carrying that madstone that just wouldn't fall away So he woke up one bright morning to another broken day Took himself down to the edge of town to the edge of his domain Tied himself up to the fence to wait And there he said Here devil, here devil Hear me when I call You been waiting for your moment You been waiting for my fall Been running 'round my brain like you had something to say So why don't you come tell it to my face? Tell it to my face! Still raving at the hour when all the witches meet While his wife was inside crying and his children were asleep They had pleaded with him gently all along that day But he wouldn't have it any other way And he said: Brace yourself now children Run along, cuz here they come My very own abominations laughing in the midday sun He had feathers in his hair Broken tethers flapping in the wind and he said Come right in, I'm so glad you came! So glad you came! And he was made to listen 'til his eyes could hear Hollow words a breakin' like the dawn up through the hill And he waited until And the devil said Boy you are a fire eater How'd you get to be that way? Lift your eyes and drop that stone We live to fight another day Take it on back from the edge of town