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6th Grade Crush (Mi6)

i remember my first day, in 6th grade elementary the teacher, then called me by my name she wore a summer dress, the next day wore a little less and still gave me a boner, just the same i dropped my pencil on the floor, just to see if i could score the perfect view of her panties playing kickball in the yard, i sat and watched her from afar she was the perfect girl for me but i don't know where all the seasons go the summer came and went too fast but i know that i'm still feeling pretty low i still can't think about her less i remember my last day, in 6th grade elementary the teacher asked to see me after class she tore her clothing off, her juggs were huge and very soft i woke up drooling on my desk i'd pat erasers after school, tried to pretend that i was cool so we could spend some time alone she was almost 33, she said you're much too young for me now i harass her on the phone i'm older now i cannot find a reason why, that i should just put aside my feelings there i've come undone and i'm still waiting for her to decide and i'm stating i can't tell you why, i can't give up