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Bangkok (Mi6)

here he is my best friend, standing tall for my affection holding on no one's here, and it's good for my complexion how sweet it is just waking up, and facing acts of desperation what can it do to my life, but give him strength in unfamiliar places let it go... so i try, to comply, when all my mags are in the basement i'll turn the lights off and i'll contimplate my next impression through not a day goes by, that i still rely, on facing my addictions you'll never understand, just what it's like, to compromise, your own safety - and i know the pressure builds up day by day it's not real love alone they say and not much more than i can take and so i ask - will i lose my sanity time will pass - it's only human kind not too fast - one more wasted fantasy so make it last - cause it's my private time why should i stand aside, revealing all my hiding places the closet door is open wide, it's killing all my concentration when i fantacize, i try to close my eyes, and think of all positions animalistic pleasure, is building pressure, untill the end, now i can't breathe - and i know somehow i've made it i'm always frustrated a model condition takes hold of me, and i know