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Arminius (Nothgard)

In the forest of Teutoburg the lore began When a young boy was taken by a plague Smaller than a sword at the Romans side As mercenary forever the foes guide Arminius was his name What we will never forget A fighter for freedom The hero of our land In a cold autumn night A bold plan was born To deceive Varus, tormentor of Germania And avenge his own blood In the cover of the night He gathered the clans With the forest as their shelter For the capture of homeland We will banish them Without regarding death Avenge our ancestor’s blood With the tenfold smash Arminius we vaunt you Shelter of Germania we honor you With the sword in his hands the hero of our land Risen up high and ready to slay In the year 9 A.D He wrote history Killing an eighth of the foes army Wrangling Varus’ ignominy