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Black Witch Venture (Nothgard)

Hänsel und Gretel weinten tief I'm Wald Trotz Mondes Schimmer verstummten sie alsbald Darkness surrounds two dead corpses Stranded alone in the woods Fear and sorrow reigned their souls Abandoned far away from home Nibble, nibble like a mouse Who is nibbling at my house The Wind the wind and dark wroth clouds Nibble, nibble like a rat Who is nibbling at my shack Come in my kids, the sky turns black Deep within the woods behind the local church A hidden remote house where the evil dwells This is what the rumors tell about this scourge Are they true or false - Or just some fairy tales? But once so they say, two children went astray Far beyond the path they lost their way No one has ever seen the two sad souls Is this true or false - A far-fetched anecdote? It is among us