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Blackened Sky (Nothgard)

Days of thunder ere roaming the land Haze so grey, hiding ones hand For the diviners a mystery Deathbringer from no man’s land The bones in blood hid the truth The scare yonder times below any roof So they send a messenger To abort the pain Tormenting them Over mountains and seas he was sent To find the ones to protect the land Guardians of the forest thy were called Avengers of wrath A dead man’s squad We are determined to kill Our prophecy we fulfil Against Attila we will fight Without fear the heads up high The fourth century anno domini Brought change and grand diversity Over the pass ye Carpathian woods A Storm brood enslaving liberty The certain death was waiting Sneering in the face of the foes Huns sans the sense of grace Approached on their high battle steeds Füget euch ihr Knochen im Blut Gebt uns Rat und Heldenmut Offenbart den Weg unseres Volkes Gedeihen oder sind wir des Todes Füget euch ihr Knochen im Blut Gebt uns Rat und Heldenmut Hildico so rate ich Gebt sie fort mit Zwiegesicht Now the moment of vengeance was near Careless and proud he lay beside her Hildico his virgin bride Took revenge in their wedding night Over mountains and seas she was sent To find the one who torments the land Hildico she was called avenger of wrath The god sent Goth