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No One Holds The Crown (Nothgard)

It was a cold eve in November 1909 When the time has come to clear the lies Regrets tortured his mind He asked her to be aside Faint - His death guide The last what he said was this advice For her life Use your time, live your life Else regrets perish your mind Regrets cry in the head Time is running through your hands So many things to ask and do Last supper and we all knew The curtains fall The lights turn down The last gasp to sound Time will take us down Down to break apart No one holds the crown The end suspends all Alea jacta est Can you hear their call? They take us all Hush - Don't say a word Find your peace and bow outta earth Rest in peace and be free Who lived life and knew the fee If you are yonder wasting thy Fear the eternal sand of time Chorus: Time is the curse, our Judge Dark figure which gives us hope Hope to fall in love, to live our life And the one who makes us die Die without regrets, the head up high