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Obey The King (Nothgard)

Ash and grime will hide all light Bright red dawns replaced by night Ice and snow so black not white Storm and wind will rush all sites Rise global strike A new age of ice and snow Black forces over earth Devouring darkness forever glares Feel my power see my Pride I'm the fortune's master, I rule the light Obey my mania, I am insane I'm the only magistrate, my will takes place The era of doom now begins to broach Signs of downfall appear caused by the human scourge Power, force and sole reign my childhood dreams Money, might and terror my inner believe Black clouds will cover the all-judging supernova My dark realm begins to rise Extinction of all life - what a nice mind A new balance on earth I will provide Rise global strike A new age of ice and snow A never-ending inferno Chorus: I can push the trigger