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Spirit (Nothgard)

I take a look to my empty jar A sense of sorrow thrills my head Five new jiggers and five new jars And I fall down and watch the stars I brood about lands far, far away Where the rivers are full of wine Till the end of our days Swaltjan The brew nestles against my throat We celebrate till the morning light And drink and sing the entire night I reached a time I lost my guide Everywhere I see My demons alive Nowhere I find The light to escape The end of the line So endless and wide Like in every battle singly the strongest survive They face their demons and gloriously pass by So I take my jar and my lovely bride In a circle of friends and party tonight Kling! The horns clash bright A song thrills the night The Barrels appear Filled with mead inside Come on drink my friend And take your whore by her hand Forget tomorrow we life now Show yourself what’s a dressing down