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Victory (Nothgard)

So many times you’ve heard those lies So many times you’d like to cry Dazzled by their wrong words Perverted by their feign believe We are calling can’t you see We are the storm which was set free To break the chains they create And enforce the dawn of a new day We are the void you couldn’t find Follow us into the light We are the crowed you’re calling for Follow us once more Sing with me my friend And pass by the dark end Come with me, I will you guide Trust me I’ll fight your strike I feel our victory And see those bastards slain Our wrath is unleashed Stoked by their deeds I feel our victory Savor our agony I see their misfire Brought down by heathen might An institution built on lies A site of sand in the abyss of the waves Lord of the feeble tormentor of the weak Bastards of the cross I call you Die! Die! Hear my spell Burn! Burn! In your hell Redemption-idiocy Feigned and lied