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Everything Nice (Popcaan)

Yeh that's why mi still feel like Yo no... Mi can tek it to the stars Cause a mean after hard work and everything Feel nice yo know wi haffi party Enjoy wi self Am feeling high, champagne fly Work hard everyday till wi reach to the goal This a fi the people dem weh work hard All who gone to the morgue Rip to a love one, put yo cups dem high Tonight the feelings right Going on high grade flight Tugs a prole out, girls a roll out Everything is nice yea Cho, oh, oh... oh, oh I got to make it right Yes I got to make it right Ladies on the left, gangsters on the right Got to make it right Poring liquor for my friend I got to reminisce Even tho yo gone a member when yo tell mi this Hard work makes a man money a malice Now I got the hottest girls sitting on my dick So what's up if we came up Make a likkle money and a do the real things The world watch this bwoy becomes man Dem would a chat the truth if dem never in a feelings It's my ambition, wooo oh, oh, it's my ambition The weed, the henny we sip on Hennessy pack up Refill yo cup Music a play till the speaker f up Gyal faint when mi clip mi finger like erupt Shi a wine under rum and syrup Reaching out to all who do 9 to five Weh a put in the work and a fight fi strive From UWI to UTECH... ease the exam stress and hold a vibe Yea, yea, yeah Sometime mi know seh yo stressed out Cause the bills dem pending Or yo lost everything weh yo work everyday and invest in Watch yah now, touch the club find a girl and bubble pon Find a party fi tek out the trouble on Pop Skull dedicate this one To every victim and all ex-con... trait