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Now A Man (The Seeds)

I'm now a man But why did it take me oh so long I'm now a man My mind's floating out toward the sky This old world always shows me something new Everytime, girl, I'm with you I'm now a man I'm now a man MY mind's running away wiwith the wind And each new day I find more rainbows we can play Don't you find it hard? To keep your feelings in your backyard I'm now a man I'm now a man Well, I want to know what you do When you're away, away from me Well I want to know if you feel that way, too The way that I love you I'm now a man I'm now a man I'm now a man My world I painted blue over grey And I have a magic crayon box going out and paint out the silver locks I'm now a man, I'm now a man Feeling so good inside And you made me a man Just to be by your side I'm now a man, Oh, now a man Just the way I walk with you JUst the way that you talk, too I'm now a man Oh, now a man