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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Out Of The Question (The Seeds)

You ask me, pretty baby, to forget your sin You ask me, pretty baby, let you come back in Well I've heard you crying all night and day It's out of the question, oh yeah It's out of the question, oh yeah It's out of the question I don't need a ball to see There's pain and there's heartaches heading for me A'just like before it come to pass A love like yours can never last So cut it, girl, well this is the end You know my love just won't bend It tears my heart out deep inside Without your love, I want to die Without your love, I can't go on You know no man is that strong Well, don't let me see you face Don't let me remember the place Don't let me heary your name You know I'm going insane Pretty baby, it's out of the question