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Better To Provoke A Scandal Than Abandon Truth (In League)

Show me the fore line, I'll be the first to cross. I don't know why we've given up like this. But there's a way, we can't escape spinning in circles. If you let the ideas crawl under your skin and grow, we'll reverse this machine. Turning this system around. Let it fall down, let it fall. We won't be here to rebuild. All I know is we're falling faster now. All I know is we're sinking further below. We are bleeding through the silence under siege in every thought. Leaving you breathless, we have no place for, courage must lay low. We won't stand back and watch, We'll wage war and press on. Hunt or be the hunted. They held their plans together in their hands, pressed so tight but no. We will not fall, we will rebuild this world better than ever before. We are the words we've spoken out of exhausted youth. We will provoke a scandal, never abandon truth. Violent dialect, we suffered impatient. We are the voice of every attempt to bury the silent. Society lingers by the dawn of collapse. For far too long now, we have taken this for granted. Now we turn to a bitter place in regret.