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Danindra (In League)

You said it's over now, we sent him back to hell. I can't perpetuate this false reality. He's coming back to haunt my thoughts as one and this I fear may be the voice of insecurity. Don't judge like you know my intentions. We all fall play when our minds lack direction. Our difference is not evident in a greater mind of a lacking sense let's criticise when we're dust in the end. Beyond ourselves, somebody else is hoping and waiting for a self-centred world to know their neighbour. I really need to know, what separates me from who I am and who I want to... I need to know, what separates me from who I am and who I want to be. I want to be; Someone that's not afraid to walk alone. Help me become the blackest sheep. I need solitude in this world so insecure. Closure is all I need to find the answers. Contemplating a new direction. Searching for someone else, someone better than this. Daily the cannibal of inordinate wealth Is likening his story to my own. We sacrifice the commonwealth to better off only those we know. Move on, move on I will move on.