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Unread Page, I'm Ready (In League)

How you left me speechless when you said, "Tell me what friends means?" Will we ever be the same? Times shared become so greater. Pain shared becomes a whole lot less. (I know that somehow) Just turn your back and I'll be gone (I can take this burden from my chest) Why do we suffer leaving the ones that we love On roads wide enough for one? And we walk for our own sake, We’ll use our memory to find this place. The road it turns and it changes shape, Who we are this makes. I've been running in circles just to find you in my heart I've wanted so long to change this But for now I'll just keep moving Come hell or high water Come hell or high water Come hell or high water Come hell or high water I keep my head held up high, But my body has given up maybe I'll never win this fight, Maybe it's time to set things right How you left me speechless When you said "Tell me what being friends means?"