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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Blessed he With Boils (Xanthochroid)

Marked for death and horribly maimed I've suffered its pains, yet rightwise claimed This holy throne atop the Erthe; All shall witness a new god's birth "Blasphemer, deceiver A perfect fool" I shall nobly rule "Whose lies entrance" This northern expanse Believe! This holy land belongs to me The crown of kings upon my head Proclaims my royalty. Accept my gift And grovel at my knees Arise! Monuments to my reign One thousand years of faceless gods Replaced by fire and steel Consume! And let our might be known The feeble kings of Erthe and Axen Are but flesh and bone Man, who is Erthwile born Who longs, who tries, who is Full of strife How frail is life! And mine is but a breath A hopeless Thought "Who is empty, Faithless, embittered And capable of anything Inconquerable Yet full of woe" So I extend my reach Upon riches Unfit for unseen gods And disperse them to my sons My body is covered with maggots and scabs My skin, is faded, cracked and dry And still they proclaim "Blasphemer, deceiver" A thief they say But I have suffered And I have paid "All this was Long ago. Reap what you sew: Erthe and Axen, Flesh and bone" Marked for death No sense but a pulse Neath my fading breath I'll bear the weight Chains of my past so full of hate "King of Erthe" How frail is life "Dust and Ash" How full of strife "Like aeons past" And when I die "Your disease shall never last" Never again shall I arise "All this was" A thief they say "Long ago" To dead gods they pray "Reap what you sew" I have suffered "Erthe and Axen, flesh and bone" I have paid