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A Simple Man (Mullmuzzler)

A thousand years of sleep I've missed the rising sun Wish I could change this Always the same With each one, every night I'd watch as the light Slowly fades from their eyes Ohh so long Long ago What he took Then gave to me There is no end It's not what I thought it'd be Left drained felt impaired The eyes drew me inside Hypnotic waltz from his stare Letting go Ohh I still love With the night will arrive The cobblestones Light misty air The brief carress Our sweet affair Ohh so long Long ago I was just like any of you A Simple Man There was nothing I could do But I've grown so tired There's no need to hold on If you hear me Just wanna be Be the man I was Please believe If I could I would change One thousand years And still I am Looking like the day This all began Ohh so long Long ago What he took Then gave to me Take it back And give back the man in me I'm going on my way I'm going where there's no desire Goin on where I'll stay higher than now I want what you have taken My life has been forsaken Many nights I lay torn I'm breaking down Why all this began What's there to care for Fade away