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Shores Of Avalon (Mullmuzzler)

I never saw it coming Somehow the heat of battle Sure dulled my senses to the real world Or was I dreaming? She held my hand and knew me She looked right through all I knew Lie quiet, let the rain wash over me now Inside the royal chambers She's staring out her window Tears well hidden by a crimson veil This is the poison Clutching a Turkish dagger By the moonlight I feel it begin I'm wounded, let the pain wash over me now Loneliness again Sits here alongside of me Gotta make my way To where the waters heal my wounds I know this is where I'll stay Too jaded by her deception A trust I thought to believe I just want to rest And live out the best of my days When I reach Avalon Walking to my window I'm feeling weak and so betrayed by all I've lost I'm left here To comprehend this strange barrage of lies By the dawn's early light The war had raged through the night I turned to her I thought I heard her crying I could see by her face Before she laid to me waste That there was someone she's dying for Someone else out there besides me I'm fading, let the fear drain away from me now My fear's been broken As the healing waters poured over me And I begin to feel Feel its magic strengthen me I know this is where I'll stay Can't take anymore deception I just want peace in my heart This calm I am feeling I've never known until Until I reach Avalon Lie quiet, let the pain wash away from me now No beginning or end All of the roles we pass on through I looked inside and I saw My soul's my guide, I need to walk with you I know this is where I'll stay The world I've left behind Has no place in my heart I can finally rest And live out the rest of my days I'll never leave Avalon