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Monsters (Lucius)

Ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh I know I'm older, but there are still monsters in all of my closets Sometimes I feed them and some, they get bigger than others Depends on the day Sometimes I'll sit on the edge of my bed And I'll wait just to see them rear their ugly heads Sometimes I just cannot face them Ooh, ooh Ooh I know I'm taller, but there are still things that are out of my reach One of my monsters, you ask him, they'll tell you He's always reminding me I'll never get loved just as much as I give it My life will be hard for as long as I live it You ask and they'll tell you it all Maybe if I sit and reason with them Tell them they've got it all wrong Maybe if I sit and reason with them And tell them they've got it all wrong I should be wiser, but all of these monsters I let them get under my skin One of them has the most hideous face And he says that I look just like him One of them, she's so intelligent She won't acknowledge what I'd have to say And she'll tell you she knows it all