Blind My Eyes (3rd Strike)

I can see that you cant see the blind leads the blind one voice one mind guess you bought the facade so give up you soul to the TV god now no struggle no fight when you're told what is wrong and told what is right not a thought not a peep cuz you have no say in the land of the sheep cant think for yourself lie down get beat by the media's primary function brainwash the masses death and destruction burn my eyes till my sight is blurred herd the flock where the flock cant be heard land of the sheep home of the slave one foot in the grave no we cant be saved they blind mye eyses gear of my mind resist the system light up let it burn they blind my eyes for fear of my mind wont submit to my suicide ignorance breeds ignorance amidst all the pain anger guilt and shame violence seems the american dream its playing 24-7 on the silver screen targed our childern product to sell no rehabilition crime vacation land of the sheep lost generation you cant reject me take away my pride you say you hate me how can you hate me you helped create me and now i stand you nightmare has been given life never die never die and think for yourself resist resist and think for yourself resist dont surrender you have got to think