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Breathe It Out (3rd Strike)

We gotta stop it cuz we cant feed this disease too many dead and too many living on their knees heavenly father make us stronger help us live in pease kill this fucking sickness i need to feel my soul release we done our time yeah we felt the pain that life can give everyday steady dying lord but still we live so confused abused and still insanity seems the only way that i can feel humanity breath it out or we sink so far down so far down fool you kill your brother and you think that makes you a man try to tell his mother why she'll never see her son again fucking coward go hid behind your false pride street talking facade helps you justify this genocide that's the card you deal to hide the pain you feel claimin' homey love but i'm telling you it isn't real no ones got your back when its time for you to go cuz when you leave this world you'll be going out alone so try to understand we've got to save ourselves cuz our fate lies in our hands it's you and no one else we gotta breathe it out we gotta save ourselfes cry out kill the violence cryout chant the freedom we gotta breathe it out we gotta save ourselves cry out kill the violence cry out chant the freedom