Hang On (3rd Strike)

the past is gone fading like the sunset fills me up inside dropping like a death threat well i'm a lover and then a fighter no easy rider just like my fallen brothers watchin' over me hip to the game but the game brought the pain starin' at the walls i'm wondering how i'm gonna make it out destiny to victory you gotta run before you crawl you must rise above it listen up to our life all your dreams are misgueided hang on holding on to your pride but it wont get you what you want life will bring you up life will put you down life will build you up and then burn you down step inside and testify you're starin' at you death but you won't stop to catch you motherfucking breath petty bangsters playin' up the pranksters runnin' from the officer city executioner come alive dont dive into the violent life so leave the light on cause i'll be coming right on up quick fast as i dash for the cash i'm leaving all those other motherfuckers in the past