No Light (3rd Strike)

Look away cuz i'm stange in my mind lets make a place for me so i feel right inside lost what is gone need to know to cary on if i'd only see the light maybe then i'd be alright i know they'd rather see me down on my knees than on my feet tell me whats this world we're living in sometimes it seems so strange on the outside looking in no light another man with a blood shot soul get up dont be one stand up control destiny dont back away guns are blasting hating me cant take me i've got to survive first the order the hit then forget its all justified no retreat defeat all that complete life full of tears sin for 2000 years be not afraid thats what they say i'm fed more lies see my violent self all has passed away but dreams stay alive test the best check pride inside minds never the enemy i ain't ever going to die first you're here today and then you're gone tomorrow why must we live this way everyday wasting our lives not all has gone away i shed a tear of sorrow too bad we couldn't stay one more day follow me tonight follow me tonight let's go fly away tomorrow ehere everything's alrighty everything's alright