Walked Away (3rd Strike)

Feels so cold to be abandoned i cant see past what you have done memoried how they fade away now you want to come back i walked away from you no fuckin' tears for them lost years i took the pain then i turned it to hatred so dead to me no fantasy my own blood is the enemy remedy long gone test me be strong let me move on kill the memories that i see only tragedy from his belt to his hands to his fist i cant felive this i cant forgive this i locked you out these years this hatred cries in my head steady coming with that friendly fire shooting me down two caps to the back dropped face first hit the ground never around so in the fucking mind you're dead and now that you're alone you want to be my friend to foe who got control now i'm the one thats walking away so what do you gotta say lying bruised and beat kicked to the curb you're not my gather dont bother because you never were take that motherfucker [chorus] striving forever to find who i am striving forever to find who i am abandonment how i can taste it my resentment time to face it on my knees oh god replace it cant believe it i cant take it on the brink of a break down no love found in my soul straight from the get go nothing left in this heart just a motherfucking stab in the back back in my life yeah right [chorus] stabbed in the back filled with hate nothing else to say cuz i walked away